Pengumuman (PKPDP Kota Setar)

Selaras dengan pelaksanaan PKPDP di Kota Setar yang diumumkan oleh pihak Kerajaan berkuat kuasa pada 11 September 2020 (12:01 pagi) hingga 25 September 2020 (11:59 malam), pihak kami ingin memaklumkan PENANGGUHAN perkhidmatan bagi laluan ke ALOR SETAR sahaja.

Kepada penumpang yang telah membeli tiket pada tarikh perjalanan sepanjang PKPDP Kota Setar, boleh menghubungi kami untuk tindakan lanjut.


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Terms & Conditions

  1. Ticket that has been sold cannot be returned and its date and time cannot be changed. It can only be used at the time, the date and the route stated only.
  2. No amendment is allowed.
  3. Ticket which has been altered or handwritten is invalid.
  4. Passenger is required to be at the terminal 30 minutes prior to departure time.
  5. Passenger is required to be in the bus 15 minutes before departure time.
  6. Passenger must keep the ticket for inspection.
  7. Passenger must keep the ticket throughout the journey and must produce when requested. The company shall not liable for loss or damage of the ticket.
  8. The company reserves the right to amend the bus schedules without informing the customer earlier. The company shall not be liable for delay or failure of passanger making onward journey.
  9. The company shall not be liable for the loss of passengers' goods.
  10. Every passanger is allowed two (2) medium size baggage weight not exceeding 20kg.
  11. Hazardous, watery, or smelly goods cannot be brought into the bus. The company reserves the right to prohibit the passanger from bringing up of such goods.
  12. The company reserves the right to prohibit the passengers from taking the bus if they are behaving inappropriately during the trip.
  13. THe company reserves the right, during the trip, to refuse any passangers which found have violated the terms of issuances of ticket.
  14. This ticket is issued in accordance with the regulations of the company.